Return and Rest in the Lord

Return and Rest in the Lord

Big changes have taken place in my life, and I’m struggling not to pine for things to return to normal when I suspect I need to plead for grace to accept whatever God’s will is for me.

I love spring when all my favorite flowers return to life. Sure they’re not dead during winter; they are just as much alive with the hope and promise of a gorgeous floral display for my favorite month of May.

Return and Rest in the Lord

I’m trusting God is still busy about His good work in me while I find myself in a place I didn’t plan or anticipate. However, I’m inspired by the glorious witness of His grace in the life of a friend who is battling stage four cancer.

Sometimes things don’t return to normal.

Return and Rest in the Lord

Her relationship with friends, family, and the Lord are deeper than ever before because they know—she knows—normal may not return for her here on earth. She believes to live is Jesus and to die is to be with Jesus forever.

She helps me believe He is trustworthy even if normal never returns, because God’s will for us is better than our plans will ever be.

Return and Rest in the Lord

In returning and rest shall ye be saved;

in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30:15 KJV

Help us hold onto You
When our flowers go to sleep
And it seems as though normal has left
Never to return as sweet
Help us to be thankful
You’re an unchanging God
Who has a perfect plan for us
Much better than we ever thought.
~ wlm

I’m nosy-to-know what Bible verse helps you trust during times of change.

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Return and Rest in the Lord