Respectfully Thine

Respectfully Thine


A picture

A comment

She said you were shy…

An invite


You sat by my side!

It’s winter

A party

You asked me to dance

It’s later

A question

My number per chance?

Time passes

A phone call

Would I like to play?

A first date


You beat me that day!

Second date

Go skiing

On cross-country skis

I notice

You’re quiet…

It’s not meant to be?

A phone call

I answer

“No thank you”, I say

I’m thinking

You’re quiet

I’ll stay home today…

A movie

I see you

Alone, as am I…

Hearts flutter

Smiles exchanged

I am ready to fly!

A phone call

You answer

And then you said, “Yes!”


Will not work

Sunday would be best

It’sย  Sunday

A bike ride

To the beach downtown

A moment

Eye contact…

It’s you I have found!

Months later

I wonder

Is friendship enough?

A long hike

A brief pause…

An embrace on the bluff ~

I’veย  got it!

You have it!

Not a word was said

Growing close

In a year

Vows made and we’re wed!

You’ve held me

I’m cherished

You’re forever mine

Three decades

I’ve loved you

Respectfully thine.

It is our 29th wedding anniversary today. ย Earlier this week, Ian invited me to go with him to take photos at the beach. ย He wanted ย to pick out some beach logs to finish a bench he is making for us.

The kids were in a stay at home mode;ย  so we had a date for just the two of us. ย It was awesome!

This poem tells the general outlines of the beginning of our love story. God hasn’t finished it yet; and I am grateful .

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea,

even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

Psalm 139: 9

Married August 19, 1983

~ Wendy

26 thoughts on “Respectfully Thine

  1. A very Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your verse and the photos are great. I like how you shoot up close, where things “live”.

    I discovered your blog via ‘simplyjuliana’s’. It was your tag line that drew me: “As a still lake reflects creation, so may our hearts reflect the Creator’s glory.” Amen! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. You’re very kind. I wrote a few lately, as emails. Now I’m trying to learn how to use a word processor. It’s taking 3x longer to post them than it did to write them, lol.
        I look forward to spending some time reading your blog this week.


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